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Real English - Class 8
ISBN : 9789386824844
Publish : 2020
Pages : 136
Price : 425.00
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Real English - Class 8

A Multi-Skill Language Course
Author Beena Sugathan
Class 8


The language skills acquired at school often determine children’s future academic success. With a comprehensive language-learning package, Real English trains school-level learners to use English confidently for academic purposes and social interaction.

Key Features:
 ENGAGING TEXT: a rich and representative selection of classic and contemporary literature including stories, folk tales, anecdotes, biographies, episodes from history, real stories, factual writing, plays, poems and rhymes.
• CORE SKILLS: reading and comprehension • listening • thematic and general vocabulary • speaking • grammar and usage • aesthetic appreciation • pronunciation • functional and creative writing
 VALUES AND LIFE SKILLS: beyond-the-text activities that focus on values and impart essential life skills
• PURPOSIVE ORGANIZATION: well-graded, cross-referenced and contextually organized practice tasks; space for written responses
 ELEGANT PRESENTATION: coIourfuI, imaginative illustrations in a contemporary layout 

The pedagogic approach in Real English helps learners achieve both functional knowledge of English and a deep understanding of its linguistic structures. The lessons incorporate core value elements like national identity, tolerance, women empowerment, ethical conduct and protection of the environment. The carefully graded exercises involve varying levels of challenge and difficulty aimed at different learning styles and abilities.

RESOURCES FOR TEACHERS: Lesson plans • Answer key • Animated lessons • Printable worksheets • Enhanced e-book • Test generator
Coursebook • Workbook • Supplementary reader • Teacher’s guide
DIGITAL: Animated lessons • Enhanced e-books • Interactive modules • Audio for listening practice • Printable worksheets • Test generator • Online support at

About the Author:

Beena Sugathan is a senior teacher of English with more than two decades of experience, and a member of NCERT textbook development book. As an ELT author, she has published several language coursebooks and grammar textbooks, besides developing online educational material.

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User Review :-

Jaya Santosh

Good and easy language and very helpful grammar



Utkarsh Dwivedi

Nice book

Aniwesh Toppo



Good outcome